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The project will focus on identification and analysis of secondary data sources.

Part 1: Locate two (2) surveys that were administered nationally or on a state level to measure health-related behaviors among adults or youth. You should locate a description of the survey, a sample of the instrument itself, and at least one article from a scholarly journal that describes the results of an administration of this survey. Use the resources you located for each survey to describe the following:


  1. The purpose of each survey (i.e. specify what is being measured)
  2. The target population (among whom is “it” being measured?)
  3. The typical administration method for the survey (phone, mail, face-to-face, computer aided, etc.) and discuss any special instructions or considerations for proper administration of this survey (is it anonymous, what is the consent process, etc.)
  4. How often is the survey administered? What are the most recently available data?

Also, respond to these questions for each survey:

  1. How did the developers take respondent characteristics (age, race, culture, etc.) into account in survey development?
  2. What steps did the developers take to ensure that the survey is of high quality in terms of reliability and validity?
  3. If you were developing a program based on the data collected using this survey, how confident would you be in the results? Why?

Part 2: Identify a needs assessment that was completed by a local agency or organization. Read through the document and, after reviewing the data, answer these questions:

  1. For what agency or local organization was the assessment prepared (i.e. health department, county, etc.)?
  2. Who prepared the report and what are their credentials?
  3. What is the health issue/need being assessed?
  4. What are the top three priorities or conclusions of the assessment?
  5. Briefly describe the data offered by the author(s) in support of the conclusions.
  6. Describe your level of agreement with the priorities and conclusions in and offer a justification.


4 pages in length

3-4 references

100% no plagarism


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