environmental laws 3 page essay no plagarism apa due tue morning americankentucky central ti

As an environmentalist, you are very interested in how economics plays a role in determining how many and what type of environmental laws are passed. There are many environmental laws that are determined by economic conditions.

Choose 1 environmental law to research, and give a detailed description of the law including the following:

  • The date the law was passed
  • Description of the law 
    • What are the provisions of the law? 
  • Background information 
    • What initiated the law?
    • Why was it passed? 
  • Economic impact generated by the law 
    • What kinds of costs, fines, or economic benefits are associated with the law? Provide economic data to support this. 
  • Whether you feel that this particular environmental law has improved the environment or situation 
    • Why or why not?

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