childcare assignment 2

3 years old Christian is the child

Each domain of development is important alone but when put together show the true picture of the whole child. This week you will pull together the highlights of your child’s development into a Power Point to describe your child. Additionally, a one page reflection paper will offer additional insight into your process of creating a child development case study.

Physical and Motor Development

Speech and Language Development

Step Two: Choose 1-2 of the most important aspects/qualities of child development you described from EACH of the assignments. Think about what makes your child unique and special and choose those aspects or qualities. You should then have 5-10 important aspects or qualities of your child’s development to use for the Power Point.

Step Three: Using these aspects or qualities, create a Power Point to show the connectedness and relationship between them. You can use a puzzle analogy, for example. Use no more than 6 slides to share your information. Get creative! The Power Point should tell us what we need to know about your child’s development.

When creating your PowerPoint presentation, you can refer to the best practices for creating quality as found here: Power Points on the Library and Learning Center.

Here are some tips for this Power Point:

  • Keep words to a minimum- be specific
  • Stick to one or two fonts only
  • Use color
  • Incorporate pictures or clip art
  • Show the child’s personality and uniqueness

Step Four: Write a one page reflection paper on your process of creating your child’s development case study. Describe why you chose each of the aspects or qualities to represent your child’s development. Explain how the different developmental domains are related or work together to be the whole child.

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