question 180 deg

  1. Research either Yvon Chouinard or Doug Tompkins.  Provide a short bio.


  1. What is the lesson we can learn from Rapa Nui (Easter Island)?


  1. Research Conservacion Patagonica.  What is the goal of this project?


  1. How does the film relate to Marketing?


  1. Research Sin Represas.  Why is this an important movement?


  1. What is philanthropy?


  1. Describe the difference between: Living to work and working to live.  Provide an example from the film or your lives.


  1. What career lessons can you learn from Jeff Johnson and his friends?


  1. What is something you learned from either the film or your research that you can apply to your life?


  1. Did you find this documentary worthwhile? (Should I show it in future classes?)



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