individual paper 7

The Synthesis paper is a 5-7 page research-based paper on a topic of your choosing that relates

– World-class Managers

– World-class Organizations

Select a topic that is of personal and/or professional value to you, and to

address why the topic is valuable to you in your paper. Please feel free to contact the instructor

with topic ideas if you would like feedback on them.

Objectives for the Synthesis Paper:

– Clear exposition of your topic or thesis

– Integrate content from this course with additional sources and research

– Give examples of how the principle(s) of your topic – or their absence – can impact a

real-world situation. Your examples may be either from personal experience or from your research.

– Describe of the importance of your topic as it relates to your personal and/or professional

situation and your own values.

Please give 3 scholarly references for this paper

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