a minimum of 200 words is required and they must be your own words 2

A minimum of 200 words is required, and they must be your own words. Including figures and quotes is value-added, but they will not count against your 200 word requirement.

Discussion Question 1:

Discuss the significance of competitive intelligence gathering for an organization in succeeding in this current competitive field .

Discussion Question 2:

According to you, what are the necessary activities that a penetration tester need to perform while conducting a penetration test to discover valid usernames.

Discussion Question 3:

Compare and contrast different types of Steganography methods that are used for hiding confidential data.

Discussion Question 4:

Identify necessary countermeasures that should be performed by users for preventing their systems from various malware threats.

Discussion Question 5:

Discuss the role of the honeypots in safeguarding the organization’s network.

Discussion Question 6:

Describe the methodology followed by the hackers to attack a web server and discuss about necessary countermeasures against Web server Attacks.

Discussion Question 7:

Understand the Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Suggest necessary preventive measures for securing mobile phones against various attacks

Discussion Question 8:

What are the benefits of implementing virtualization in cloud computing?

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