what three requirements must be satisfied order utilize testimony expert witness

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  1. What three requirements must be satisfied in order to utilize the testimony of an expert witness?

  2. What are the five basic methods of impeaching a witness?

  3. Describe three ways in which expert witness’s opinions and conclusions may be biased.

  4. Name five categories of subjects about which a lay witness may testify.

  5. Why would you not want to attempt to impeach every witness’s testimony?

  6. What are five reasons why a witness may not tell the truth?

  7. What is the definition of a crime involving dishonesty or false statements?

  8. Name the four forms of evidence permitted to prove the trait of character relating to untruthfulness.

  9. Why are a witness’s biases allowed to discredit his or her testimony without the cross-examiner being required to prove that the witness is not credible, has contradicted his or herself, has bad character, or make an inconsistent statement?

  10. Name the four elements of witness capacity and an example of how each could aid in the impeachment of a witness.


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