psychology 207

Please! Only Bid if you have the texebook: Human Services In Contempory America Nineth Ed. William R. Burger.


Learning Activity #2: Welfare Reform Response

  • Review pp. 62-70 in the Burger text.
  • Select an up-to-date scholarly article on the poor in your own state.
  • Write a one-page response to the following questions:
  • Who are America’s poor?
  • Who are the poor in your state and what are the programs in place to help them?
  • What changes are most needed in welfare reform?
  • How can the government prevent people from becoming too dependent on welfare or cheating the system?

Learning Activity #6: Homelessness Journal

  • Review pp. 115-117 in the Burger text.
  • Read the article titled Ex-Homeless Speak Out to Change Perceptions.
  • Write a one-page journal in response to the article and reflect on your own experiences with homeless people.
  • To achieve maximum points for content and analysis, the following elements need to be thoroughly addressed:
  • Reflect on the experiences of the ex-homeless man and note what surprised you about this individual.
  • Write about the homeless problem in your own community and what is being done to help the homeless.
  • Share your personal experiences, if any, with homeless people.
  • Write about any attitudinal changes you feel you personally need to make regarding the homeless.

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