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Journal Practice – Entry #1

A.  Start with an action-packed description of an experience that happened to you in the past several months. Maybe it happened this morning. It can be anything of interest, such as painting the ceiling in your house, encountering a wicked driver on the highway, or tracking down a noise in the kitchen. Use action verbs and vivid details. Be sure to appeal to the five senses. What did you taste, feel, hear, smell, see? 

B.  Reflect on the experience. This time, don’t worry about action, but do some thinking. Meditate. What does it all mean? What did you learn?

Your entry might start out like this:

A.  Action with strong verbs and descriptive detail.

I dropped from the apple tree, landing on a bee.

B. Reflect about what happened. What did you learn?

This experience really made me think about life and death…

Journal Practice – Entry #2

This entry will take the form of a letter to a person, real or imaginary, so start this entry with “Dear ___________.”  In the letter, describe a relative doing something or telling a funny story. Include face and hair details, eyes, body shape and size, and special characteristics, such as a cough or a limp. Put the person in action. Be as vivid as you can in your descriptoin.  Details and concrete actions are the key!

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