apush summer assignment 2014

(4 questions, 1 essay per question, 2 pages per essay)



Written assignment – Founding Brothers 

Write an essay addressing each of the following questions. 

1. Which issues brought about the most heated debate among these men? 

2. Why were these men selected as important contributors to the development of the United States? 

3. Choose one of the major themes (friendship, posterity, slavery, history, collaboration, fate and truth) and describe in detail how it relates to the founding of the nation. 


4. While the majority of historians generally regard George Washington to be the most significant of America’s Founding Fathers, who do you believe should rank second? You may choose from Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison, Ben Franklin and Alexander Hamilton. You may also include an additional Founding Father if you believe he warrants being on the list. Rank the Founding Fathers listed (1 being the most significant and 5 or 6 being the least) and, if necessary, your additional person. Make an argument for each person on the list being second to only Washington. 


The link to the website that contains a summary of the whole book:



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