program assessment paper 1

I need more detail about the actual counseling program from the perspective of the counselor. the paper should reflect the perspective from a counselor in the school. i want the content of the paper can be addressed like” according to the counselor , Their program follow this for the ACSA national model ……” no need to edit the last page for the advise part.

the following is the promote for the paper

Each candidate will find a school counselor to interview about the ASCA National Model and his or her comprehensive school counseling program. The candidate will work with the counselor to complete the ASCA Program Assessment. The interview and findings of the assessment will be analyzed in a written summary about how you might improve the program including the following:

o Look at the ASCA National Model Program Assessment on pages 59-62 in the ASCA National Model Book and go through the program assessment with your interviewee. This information will be used for your paper however, you did not need to turn this in. Use this as your guide—you will need to ask clarifying and more probing questions to understand why things are a “no” or what truly are the reason for certain things.

o Information about the school including grade levels, total enrollment, demographics, and number of counselors/caseload

o Three strengths of the counseling program (based on your own assessment after the interview)

o Three barriers preventing the school counseling program from fully implementing the national model (based on your own assessment after the interview).

o Three ways in which you would strengthen the program. You might cite specific examples of programs you are familiar with or have learned about to address issues of equity and access

o What data and processes the counselor uses to evaluate the effectiveness and future direction of the school counseling program

You will want to find data on the school via CDE or CA School Dashboard as well (for CA schools) or if you have access to overall school data, that will help you–if you don’t know what these are, don’t worry, we will chat in class.

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