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You are being asked to participate in a learning tournament as way to summarize the material learned in this course.

CLOs reflected in discussion:

  1. Explore several psychological theories of adult development, as they relate to the life course development in the latter two-thirds or three quarters of our lives.
  2. Describe ways in which biological changes occur across the adult life span.
  3. Specify social, environmental, and policy impacts on adult development and aging.


This tournament will help you get to summarize the material you have learned throughout this course, flipping your role such that you will move from student to teacher. This activity will involve students being asked to identify a commercial on the television (or elsewhere) geared towards older adults, and then describe that commercial in terms of (1) behavioral, (2) physical, (3) cognitive, (4) social and (5) policy related issue discussed throughout this course.

You are asked to create a PowerPoint presentation that has 9 slides. The first slide will be an introductory slide with your name and class. The second slide should describe the commercial you are talking about and, if possible, include a link to the commercial. Slides 3- 7 should focus on each of the five domains listed above, and include appropriate citations. Do not look for new information to include regarding domains, but rather, summarize information already covered in class in the context of your selected commercial. The 8th slide should be a conclusion side. The 9th slide is for your references. Please see “Learning Tournament template.”

This is a tournament, in that you are asked to build upon the material that is presented before you. You are also to respond to at least one of your classmates PowerPoint presentations.

Adult Development and Aging

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