consent form and literature search assignment

Objective: To understand and appreciate the ethical responsibilities researchers have to protect the rights of participants involved in research studies and to further develop your literature search skills.

Assignment: Fully develop and construct a viable INFORMED CONSENT FORM for an experimental research study employing the guidelines and ethical codes provided in your textbook (Research Methods, Design, and Analysis – 12th edition ISBN: 9780205961252 by Larry B. Christensen) discussed in class (Power point attached), and other credible sources. The assignment must also comport to the following requirements:

1)Locate and provide a psychological experimental study article (full-text length, not just abstract). This study must accompany the assignment.

2)The experimental study must have been published within October, 2015 to October, 2018 time frame.

3)The experimental study must have “adult humans” as the participants studied.

4)You should identify yourself in the consent form as the researcher conducting the study, with the experiment taking place in the Department of Psychology at (I will fill in) State University.

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