chapter questions 10

I attached the chapter here in word. You can use it to answer the questions.

Answer any two of the review questions from the appropriate Chapter in the textbook. Include the number for each question and include the actual question you are responding to immediately before you respond to the question. Use single-space to respond to the questions with a blank line between questions. Use mainly your own words to respond to the questions. Write a minimum of 200 words (100 for each question), which does not include the questions. For full credit, please include word count after each answer!

1. Poet Robert Frost wrote, “Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in.” Does that family value still hold true? Why would a grown person decide it is time to move back home?

2. According to the book The Necessary Revolution: How Individuals and Organizations Are Working Together to Create a Sustainable Future, businesses form value chains, a shared commitment to goals built around time and space. Likewise, families form multigenerational value chains. Describe a shared value or tradition in your family that has endured over time.

Goldsmith, Elizabeth B.. Resource Management for Individuals and Families (5th Edition) (Page 98). Pearson HE, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

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