3 paragraph law discussion


AT LEAST 3 paragraphs

Week 1 Discussion

Consider the recent shootings that have taken place in society by various police agencies. You will probably need to conduct research on a few of the shootings to reach conclusions about the actions of the officers. Based on the criticisms hurled at the local police, post a discussion where you provide a strong argument to compare the professional actions of the local police with the professional actions of federal law enforcement agencies. In your discussion, tell whether local police agencies appear to be just as professional in handling the public as federal law enforcement officers do. Include concrete examples to support your position and cite your work with in text citations.

Respond to the posts of at least one other student.

Week 1 Scoring Rubric

Researched information about recent shootings-20

Posted discussion that compared local and federal police-20

Included concrete examples to support views-20

Included sufficient in text citations per APA guidelines-20

Responded to at least two other students-20

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