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Finding solutions to problems is affected by how one frames the problem. In other words, what one thinks is wrong will influence what one believes the available solution(s) to be. Similarly, the perspective or “lens” through which one views a situation will influence what one “sees.” exploring the workings of organizational behavior from various lenses with special attention to problems that occur and inhibit organizational productivity is the focus of this paper.


Remember that in the systems model of organizations everything is connected and everything influences everything else. Every element in the model affects organizational (human) behavior. When viewed from such a systems perspective, what might diminish positive/productive organizational behaviors? For example, how might technology negatively affect human behavior, or how might organizational culture negatively affect human behavior, and so forth? Identify three to five of these types of “issues.” Provide brief examples from a healthcare organization’s perspective that illustrate these problems where possible. In addition, how might these issues be fixed or prevented?



Based on your findings, write a three- to four-page paper in APA format

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