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The Differences Between B2B & B2C Marketing

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Watch the video, then discuss your views on the differences between B2B (business-to-business0 AND B2C 9business to consumer) marketing.

Instructions: and respond to Two of your peers’


Students1/In looking at B2B marketing and B2C marketing, I’ve always felt that B2C would be a more complex process because of how businesses and firms would need to deal with all the consumers within their region, nation, or across the world. After watching this video and reading the chapter though, I know see that B2B is actually the more complex process. On one hand, it absolutely makes sense that B2B is more complex. Unlike B2C where it is essentially an open space to market to and consumers can come and go but there will never truly be a scarcity, in B2B, there is a select number of clients and marketers need to accommodate the needs of the client and figure out ways to develop meaningful relationships unlike that of B2C marketers. As well as this, it is this variation in marketing and clientèle that I find interesting because when a company undergoes B2C, they’ll have to understand the demographic they are trying to reach, they’ll have to figure out ways to cater to various consumer groups across the world, but they will never need to be in direct contact with them so to speak. However, for B2B marketing, the agency or marketers can never really move away from their customer base as the example was given in the video of how Tire Companies move to Michigan to market to Ford and GM. This aspect of B2B I had never really considered before but again, after reading and watching the video, I now know that there are certain intricacies laden within B2B that do not affect those within B2C. One last note, I felt that I was right all along in regard to logistics and supply chain because B2C requires multiple levels of selling, which makes sense because you market to various stages throughout the process, for instance, McDonald’s having to market to consumers, but also to delivery companies, to go to farms, etc. In B2B, this is much easier because the marketer deals directly with the client and they discuss what is needed, what is not needed, the pricing, etc. and there are no steps in between and no other levels that need to be tended to.


Students 2/The differences between B2B & B2C are the relationships, number of customers, where you locate your customers, demand, and the supply chain. First, the relationship with the customer, B2C has impersonal mass communication, while B2B customer are involved with their customers, B2B has more of a relationship with their customers and get to know them on a more personal level. Next, the number the of customers , B2C has many customers and B2B only has a small amount of customers they reach out to and this is because the company is smaller. Then, the location of the company, having the location the company is very important element to any business. B2C can be located anywhere, whereas B2B needs to be located closer to the customers, this way it is much easier on the customer. Last, the supply chain complexity , B2C is complex with many of its layers, while on the other hand B2B has simples that sell direct to the customers, they give everything directly to the customers which can help them in long run with many things. And finally, the complexity of the buying process , B2C is simple, a few people are invovled , whereas B2B the complex has lots of people involved.

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