computer science 106

Question 1: Computer design for a graphic artist and a professor

Let us suppose we are designing a computer for use for a graphic artist. What components would you need and explain why? What CPU speed and how much memory would you need? How would this be different for a college professor? (150 word)

Question 2: compare and contrast the different data buses (150 word)

Question 3: Describe a hypothetical work environment that would be best for CISC and which for RISC. Explain why. (150 word)

Question 4: XML Benefits for Companies and Industries

What potential benefits does XML offer to individual companies and industries? (250 word)

Question 5: Current Database Trends

Identify a current database trend that is affecting or will affect data resource management in business and explain why this technological development is important to businesses? (100 word)

Question 6: Government Data Collection – Positive or Negative?

Is the government’s increasing use of data collection techniques of private individuals a positive or negative development in our society? (100 word)

Question 7: Proprietary or Open-Source Database Platforms

Which database platforms Proprietary or Open-Source work best for companies? Why? (100 word)

Separate each question with references and in-text citation.

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