topic 5 dq 2 12

Please write a paragraph with your opinion based on the text bellow. Please include citations and references in case you need to used for the question:

I had spoken in the other discussion this weak about the fact that my community was recently devastated by flooding that completely wiped out multiple towns in my surrounding area. I cannot begin to imagine the devastation these community members are feeling right now. My boyfriend and I took some time to volunteer on a clean up crew a few days after the storm and though the site of the debris was like a nightmare, it was awesome to see other community members and surrounding communities pitch in and help the families in need. Many businesses from surrounding cities came into the disaster areas and served food and water to all the people needing food and even those who were volunteering their time. When flood waters like this hit, the homeowners can no longer drink their running water, as most have well systems that get contaminated by flood waters. There were also many propane tanks found floating in the debris which could cause a chemical contaminant to drinking water and soil surrounding the home (Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, 2018).

I feel like the spirit of the community is in full swing in our area. Still to this day people are volunteering their time to help family members as well as strangers recover from the devastation. Organizations are putting together fund-raising efforts; concerts, many locations are accepting donations to be taken to the areas in need, and automobile lots are allowing families to borrow vehicles for the time being, since most lost their vehicles. Our operating room was able to donate N95 masks to those helping clean up to keep them all safe from communicable diseases found in the flood waters. Some people may not think of things as “spiritual”, but they are all things that are lifting the spirits of the people affected by the flood.


Monroe County Sheriff’s Office. (2018, August 29). Monroe County Sheriff issues flooding update. Retrieved from WEAU 13 News:

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