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Define the following (Who, What, Where, When) and give examples of structures and/or architects. Make sure you put the definition in context.



Duetscher Werkbund

Second Empire



Gothic Revival

Reinforced Concrete

Greek Revival

Art Nouveau

Beaux Arts

Arts and Crafts

Prairie School

Chicago School

Queen Anne



  1. We’ve seen many different housing styles. How did the middle class American home change from 1790 to 1900 and what changing values did it reflect?
  1. A central theme of this course is “Progress.” How can an observer see the idea of progress in the buildings and structures of the late 1800s?
  1. The year is 1908. You are a wealthy professional living in a developing upper middle class section of Kansas City, Missouri. To accommodate your growing family and someone of your status in the community, you need a new house. Write a short initial request for proposals that will be sent out to architects detailing what sort of house you want designed and constructed. Keep in mind the spirit of the age and your personal beliefs.

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