coding a program


  • Week Two Coding Assigment Zip File (starter code for this assignment that includes placeholders)
  • Week Two Recommended Activity Zip File (examples of how to code a switch statement, an if-then-else statement, and how to construct a string to display text onscreen)

For this assignment, you will apply what you learned in analyzing Java™ code so far in this course by writing your own Java™ program. The Java™ program you write should do the following:

  • Accept user input that represents the number of sides in a polygon. Note: The code to do this is already written for you.
  • If input value is not between 3 and 5, display an informative error message
  • If input value is between 3 and 5, use a switch statement to display a message that identifies the correct polygon based on the number of sides matching the input number (e.g., triangle, rectangle, or polygon)

Complete this assignment by doing the following:

  1. Download tnd unzip ahe linked Week Two Coding Assigment Zip File.
  2. Read the file carefully, especially the explanatory comments of what the existing code does.
  3. Add your name and the date in the multi-line comment header.
  4. Refer to the following linked Week Two Recommended Activity Zip File to see examples of how to code all of the Java™ statements (i.e., switch, println(), and if-then-else) you will need to write to complete this assignment.
  5. Replace the following lines with Java code as directed in the file:
    • LINE 1
    • LINE 2
  6. Comment each line of code you add to explain what you intend the code to do.
  7. Test and modify your Java™ program until it runs without errors and produces the results as described above.

Note: Refer to this week’s analyzing code assignment if you need help.

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