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It’s easy to dismiss the works from the Dada movement as silly. Consider the art that was popular at the time, however. These “silly” works were a violent protest to the realism and impressionism of the day. Check out “Entr’ acte”, 1924, directed by Rene Clair” on YouTube, if you can, for an excellent example of Dada.
The pointlessness of the action is the point! I still crack up at the end even seen it hundreds of times.

Think: what does Dada do that realism cannot? What’s the value of a movement that breaks all the rules? What did Dada contribute to the progress of art and film?

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Posted by William Ousley at 06/17/13 11:24

What Dada can do that realism cannot is make humorous, chaotic assemblage of events. The value of a movement that breaks all the rules is a non-traditional valued movement. The Dada anti-art movement had a strong negative and destructive element. Dada writers and artists were concerned with shock, protest, and nonsense. Dada contributed to assemblage, collage, photomontage and the use of ready-made objects. The inclusion of sound in art, the incorporation of found objects in a work of art, and the concept of improvising as a performance options were all substantially important to not only the development of music, but more specifically the development of electronic music.

Posted by Anya Walker at 06/20/13 03:10


The art of film is very dynamic. Dada was a great way to show how it was used. I know watching the film showed so many scenes and object so, it made it very helpful to understand the meaning of Dada.

Posted by Anya Walker at 06/18/13 05:59

Dada is hilarious to watch. The artist is able to show realism by having creative scenes that was part of the anti-war movement era. The objective of using a technique called collage was used by combining different type of scraps that was part of illustration to be viewed in different scenes. Dada contributes to the art of film by having music being played while watching the film. Also, surrealism was introduced to show a type of chaotic way of using humorous scenes in film.

Posted by William Ousley at 06/18/13 09:55


Very well written. For some reason I read and read the article on Dada in the book and couldn’t quite get it. So I read a few articles from the Internet to fully understand what the Dada movement was. Even with breaking all the rules they were able to contribute to the art.

Posted by Byron Stival at 06/21/13 06:05


It is fun to watch this video. Some of it was funny but I also had a hard time watching all of it. I like the first introduction to the music. I love music and love to think of what the person was thinking and feeling when they wrote the music. It baffles my mind that someone can make a song and put it to a movie and put it to the right mood and feeling of what is being portrayed.

Posted by Byron Stival at 06/19/13 09:16

Dada is one of the best ways you can make a controversial matter be addressed by making it funny. I think the film laid the first stepping stone for what we have today. In todays society, there are a ton of Dada films or media that is used. There is the section of the news paper that usually makes a cartoon of the president or someone else making fun of a particular topic. One of the big comedians that kind of started Dada in our day is Chris Rock. Although it is more vulgar than in 1924 Dada has continued for almost 90 years now.

Posted by Denzil Tracey at 06/19/13 01:03

Dada is the type of art that introduced music being played during films It was a first and very groundbreaking for films because to this day films of any kind play music regularly throughout them. What Dada did that realism couldn’t is bring light to controversial subjects by making fun of them. It made very important topics funny to its viewers and they were able to learn about them but also found them amusing. Also Dada has become a very important art form in all aspects of art not just film you can find many different forms of art using the Dada movement.

Posted by Byron Stival at 06/21/13 06:10


Do you have a favorite movie that has has Dada in it? Do you have a favorite movie that you like the type of music that is being played during the film? There are a lot of awesome movies that come out now days. But it seems like the quality of movies are not the same as they used to be. Like I said, some movies are still awesome because the special effects with technology are awesome. Some films still make you cry. But, there is still something about older films, in the era when people actually spoke in the movies, that seemed to disapear.

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