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Initial Post:Reflect on what you imagine it would be like for you to be a client with a person-centered therapist.How do you think you would react to a lack of structure and direction from a therapist? Additionally, if you were to restrict your counseling practice to the framework of person-centered therapy, how would this be for you?Be sure to connect your response to something you learned in Chapter 7.To clearly illustrate that connection, your response must contain the page number from the textbook in order to earn full credit.

Response Post: Respond to classmate

A person-centred therapist is a form of psychotherapy which was developed by Carl Rogers. This psychotherapy technique was developed with various goals to be achieved during this technique including becoming open to experience, learning how to trust themselves, developing an internal evaluation of themselves and the willingness to continue growing. As a client and engaging with a person-centred therapist I imagine that it would be an opportunity for me to create a movement to express my feelings to the therapist. This form of therapy as explained by Carl Rogers it helps to facilitate a relationship between the client and the therapist thus, creating an environment that supports creativity (Corey. 2017, p. 180). In a situation in which the therapist does not have structure and direction, I would ask the therapist to direct me to another therapist that would be of help to me. If I were to restrict my counselling practice to the framework of personal-centred therapy to me, this would be ideal since I would get the opportunity to accept myself and having the psychological freedom that would help in self-analysis (Corey. 2017, p. 181).

I would also restrict my counselling to this psychological therapy since the therapist would provide me with an opportunity to express my feelings through various activities, i.e. visual art, sound. Personal-centred therapy is ideal to a client as its primary focus in individual reflection, therefore, giving an individual an opportunity to reflect what is on their mind. As an individual who requires therapy, I would also focus on emotion-focused therapy as this would ideal to me on how to approach my emotions so that they would not influence my decisions. Establishment of a therapeutic relationship in light with the core therapeutic condition of a client is the main focus of person-centred therapy.

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