education and obesity proposal

Part I.

1)Topic: The effect of education on obesity.

2)Literature Review Guideline is a step by step document that requires you to write the Lit Review of your proposal. Literature review SHOULD BE -12 pages

3)Research Proposal Guidelines doc refers to all the required steps needed to finish the proposal. (e.g Title,table of contents,etc..)

4)Find eight scholarly peer-reviewed articles (SOCIOLOGICAL) from Jan 2010 – September 2018(present) to support the topic above.

Hence this shouldn’t the articles must contain DATA done solely by the authors themselves, not by other embedded researchers.

5)Appendix how to video is below

6)-16-page max proposal. ASA format, double-spaced, Times New Roman. (Focus on ALL parts of Guidelines)

Part II.

Create a Poster format (Presentation) of the proposal. Furthermore, a blueprint form of the proposal that I may convert physically into a poster.

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