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EDRD 2010-21

Date written in MLA Style (Day Month Year) – This is the date the Outline is Due




Center Title of Paper Here



Attention grabber (facts, rhetorical questions or anecdote)

Thesis Statement (This paper requires a Thesis Statement to inform)


Issue 1 – Topic Sentence

Reason #1

Reason #2

Reason #3


Issue 2 – Topic Sentence

Reason #1

Reason #2

Reason #3


IV. Issue 3 – Topic Sentence

A.Reason #1

B. Reason #2

C.Reason #3


V.  Issue 4 – Topic Sentence

A.Reason #1

B.Reason #2

C.Reason #3



Closing Thoughts can be done in several ways including:

Restating the Thesis Statement and summarizing the arguments presented OR

Maintaining a neutral stance on the topic OR

Adopting and making a position statement based on the dialogue that has been presented throughout the paper OR

Making an appeal to your audience regarding the topic.



Discuss:  The United States Congress is a Dysfunctional Body That Does Little To Improve


American Society



Argue for:  Standardized Test Are Good Measures of Academic Ability and Progress and


Should Remain Part of the School Curriculum.


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