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Please respond to the following with 200 words:

Christine Giddens

1. Mindset is defined as having control over how you respond to certain situations that arise.

2. A victim mindset is when a person has little control over their lives and having a victim mindset, keeps people from seeing and acting on choices that could be beneficial in their lives.

3. A creator mindset causes people to see multiple options, to choose wisely and to,take action to choose the life they want.

4.A creator mindset person would ask themselves questions like, “How could I have acted different to get my desired end result”? “ I could of spent more time on my math problem, next timeI will do math for 45 minutes instead of 20.

5. Victims believe that life just happens.

6. Having a creator mindset means to me is that I have to be able to think critically not only in school but also in life. Having a creator mindset means that I am able to control my responses to situations and make a educated decision to move forward by acting responsibly.,

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