write a reflection paper 2 double spaced pages

you will watch and take notes on an interview with a criminologist and write a reflection paper. Visit the Oral History of Criminology website (http://oralhistoryofcriminology.org/home). Browse the videos and select an interview with a criminologist that you find interesting. This interview does not have to connect to Hagan (2017) or Douglas (2000) – feel free to explore!

Watch and take notes on the entire interview. Your notes should constitute an overview of the interview and should be written in outline format. Include a thesis statement at the beginning of your outline. Bold your thesis statement. I expect these notes to be detailed but concise. You will submit these notes as part of your extra credit. There is no page limit on the interview notes.

Once you finish watching the interview and taking notes, write a reading reflection while taking into consideration the points below. You do not have to cover all of these points. These are some ideas of things that you could cover. Your reading reflection will be 2 full pages.

  1. Explore your opinions of the interview
  2. Strengths/limitations of the research discussed in the interview
  3. Connect the interview to something you saw outside of class (material from another course, news, journal article etc.)
  4. Something new that you learned in the interview and how it impacted you
  5. An idea/concept/fact etc. you found particularly interesting in the interview
  6. Questions you have about the interview

Do not write a summary of the interview as your reflection. I will not award extra credit points for a summary. Write a reflection paper – think about and reflect on the interview.

I will not accept reading reflections without interview notes nor will I accept interview notes without a reading reflection. You must complete both parts of the assignment.

This extra credit assignment is worth a maximum of 5 points on your test grade.

Format: 1” margins, 12 point Times New Roman font, two full pages for the reading reflection, double-spaced, stapled.

*I am emphasizing depth over breadth in this paper. Since you are limited to 2 double spaced pages, you need to dive right into your reflection. Do not pad your paper with unnecessary information (i.e., a summary of the interview).

Due Date: October 12th in hardcopy, stapled at 10:30am. No late submissions accepted.

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