please help i only have 5 hours turn inimplement program so it can work

This a c++ programming project of the game blackjack ..

it should be implemented in microsoft visual studio 2010..


there should be 3 class in the program:


Card Class

First, you will need a class for individual cards. This card class should have member variables

for: suit (e.g. spades), value (e.g. jack), and points (e.g. 10). You should obviously have

constructors, accessors, and mutators for this class. In addition, you will need to overload the

following C++ operators for this class (==, =, <, >, and <<).



Deck Class

Next, you will need a deck. As a member variable, the deck will need to contain all 52 cards. For

ease of implementation, you can put all 52 cards into a vector, since you can shuffle them using

the following command: 

std::random_shuffle( d.begin(), d.end() );

The deck should also have a constructor and a member function that allows you to get a card

from it. Overloading the << operator is a good way to test the functionality of the deck, but is not

necessary for the program.


 Hand Class

Finally, the hand class will contain the cards in the player’s hand. You must implement this class

using a member variable that is a dynamic array of cards for the player’s hand. You will also

need to have member variables for the number of cards in the hand as well as the score.

Obviously, you should write constructors, accessors, and mutators for this class. Since this class

also uses dynamic memory, you will need to write a copy constructor, destructor, and overloaded

equal (if implementing splits).

The other item that needs to be added to this class is an ability to put an additional card into the

hand as player’s will often take additional cards during the game of blackjack. Adding a card to

the hand requires reallocating dynamic memory and will be similar to a copy constructor.


Implement your program using separate compilation for the voter class and the main program.

As always, your code should have appropriate comments to explain the program and the code. It

should be written in a consistent and readable form and should compile without errors or


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