part 1 general contractor or subcontractor times it important general contractor prepare det

Part 1

General Contractor or Subcontractor?

At times, it is important for the general contractor to prepare a detailed takeoff of items that are subcontracted. Knowing when to do the detailed takeoff and when it is simply extra work is important to both the accuracy and the completeness of the estimate.

Refer to the chapter “Pricing Subcontractors’ Work” of your course textbook Fundamentals of Construction Estimating and answer the following questions:

  • The “Summary” section at the end of the chapter lists six potential problems with subcontractor bids. Which of the problem areas will cause the greatest risk to a general contractor if the subcontractor bids are not properly completed? Which will be of the least concern? Explain your choices with appropriate references, a rationale, and examples from your personal experience or research.
  • For each problem listed in the textbook, identify two methods of either eliminating or minimizing the risk for the general contractor. Explain how these methods can be used to eliminate or minimize the risk.

Support your responses and comments with an appropriate rationale and examples from your experience or research.

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