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For Project 1 you will select a web text that represents your professional community and conduct a thorough rhetorical analysis of it in order to form an argument about how well its underlying message is communicated persuasively to its audience.

Learning Objectives (you should be able to…)

• conduct careful rhetorical analysis of web texts

• use appropriate terms of rhetorical analysis

• assess the effectiveness of the communication

Task and Content

Draw on your resources and discoveries about the ways in which professionals in your field communicate (to each other and to the public) and the terms of rhetorical analysis established in Writer/Designer and other class readings. Carefully apply concepts of rhetorical analysis as tools to study a web text established by a professional or professional organization in your field. Describe the page and discuss how its message relates to the rhetorical choices used in its creation. Form an argument about how effectively the page makes its argument. To proceed

see the two files.

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