working with latina latino americans

Read the example below involving Gloria. Then, develop a set of notes you would use to present her case to a team of fellow case management colleagues. Your notes may follow the format of a structured paper, or they may be a list of bullet points with a short paragraph to address each key question. The total assignment should be two-three pages in length. Ensure that your case notes address the following four key questions:

  1. What are your initial impressions of Gloria?
  2. What do you know about Puerto Rico and its culture?
  3. Identify the challenges you think YOU might face in working with Gloria, who has a different cultural background from you.
  4. Provide at least two examples of skills you would use to encourage her to share values, preferences, and other information about herself and her situation.

In your responses, cite two to three scholarly sources. Your paper per the guidelines in APA. The title and reference pages are not part of the total page count.


Gloria came to the United States from Puerto Rico to study sign language and interpreting. There are very few people in Puerto Rico with these skills. Her husband is disabled, his disability check is not enough to support a family of five, and she wants training so that she can help support her family.

From her pastor in Puerto Rico, she learns about a training program at a university in the southeastern United States. In addition, the program pays each participant a stipend for living expenses as well as tuition and fees. Gloria moves to the United States and begins the program. Her husband and three children eventually join her, and they move to a two-bedroom apartment in the university housing complex. In addition to crowded living conditions, neither the husband nor the children speak English. Her husband never leaves the apartment. They are settled one month when the problems begin.

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