the letter to representative

This unit has stressed that civic participation is an important part of a working democratic system and that there are many ways for a person to get involved in this process. Voting is one important example, but concerned citizens also have the opportunity to write to their representatives at the state and national levels. Because the legislative branch makes the laws, it is important to let your representatives know your thoughts on certain issues.

find your representative

Now that you’ve chosen your topic and someone to write to, write your letter. Use the Process section below to help you figure out how to approach your letter. Make sure your letter includes an explanation of the issue you’ve picked and why it is important to you. Suggest at least one way you think the issue could be addressed by your congressperson or by the government. Optionally, have a fellow student do a peer review of your letter before you turn it in. Once your teacher has graded your letter, send it on to your representative.

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