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Many ethical issues related to assessment and data collection in research can be avoided through a thorough ethics review of data collection procedures used in research studies. An ethics review attempts to illuminate any potential areas of concern, such as security of data storage and power dynamics between individuals that might influence the ethics of the study. Like any skill, thoroughly reviewing details of a study takes practice.

For this Week’s Application, review the Research Ethics Review Protocol provided in the Learning Resources. You will be completing a Research Ethics Review Application based on this protocol in order to familiarize yourself with the same criteria that the IRB uses to review all studies.

Submit a completed Research Ethics Review Application.

Refer to the Learning Resources for a Protocol and Instructions.

  • Assume the role of an IRB member who is responsible for ensuring the institution’s ethical conduct of studies.
  • Review the research protocol (participant recruitment procedures, data collection procedures, consent form, letter of cooperation, and confidentiality agreement).
  • Using the comment boxes, complete the Research Ethics Review document in such as way that the researcher might know whether and how the study’s procedures meet the University’s ethical criteria.
  • Complete the reflection section at the end of the checklist to summarize insights gained through the process.

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