government budgeting 2


Part I

Using any search engine (not Wikipedia), select a local government budget that has not filed a requisition for bankruptcy. Evaluate the past three years of that government’s distribution of income. Complete an analysis and include the following:

◾ Evaluate trends of revenue sources and balances (funds, surpluses, deficits) and how they impact the government’s budget.

◾Evaluate ethical practices of financial policy on taxes, fees, and charges.

◾Assess internal/external opportunities and challenges of revenue sources.

Part II

Multi-year Budget Evaluation

Using the selected government budget in the previous part, evaluate the past three years’ allocation of public goods. Complete an analysis including the following:

◾ Evaluate goals and priorities of the local government goods and services.

◾Assess internal and external challenges for providing goods and services.

◾Evaluate budget stabilization measures.

◾Provide recommendations.

Part III

Using the selected government budget in the previous units and discuss the following areas:

◾ Privatization efforts that have been made as well as recommendations for possible privatization efforts or partnerships with private and nonprofit companies/organizations

◾ An analysis of financial policy trends towards alternative taxes

◾ An analysis of relevant state and federal tax policies (or related legislation) that could affect revenue streams or outlays

Your report should consist of no less than 10 pages not including the title and reference pages (at least three per part), and all sources utilized should be cited and referenced using APA style. Please ensure that you include a cover page and reference page.

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