poetry analysis 8

Write a 1,000-word analysis essay of any of the poems in your textbook. Be thorough! Poetry essays MUST contain a LINE-BY-LINE analysis and must also contain a discussion of the FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE used in the poem. Each word carries importance in a poem. All lines are important. If you provide only a general discussion of your interpretation of the meaning behind the poem, you will not receive a high score on this assignment.

* The author’s name and the title of the literary work must appear in the introductory paragraph.

* You must have a thesis in your introduction that provides the reader with the main idea for the essay and you must stick to this thesis.

* You must have direct quotes from the literary work to support all of the major ideas expressed in your essay.

* All quotes must have MLA formatted in-text citations.

* Your essay must have the MLA heading at the top of the first page.

* You always discuss literature in the present tense, NOT past tense.

* Do not write in 2nd person. No “you”.

* Do not include unnecessary contractions. Unless it is part of a quote, you should not have contractions.

I hope there is a clear thesis.

It can divide to 5 parts.

Introduction(thesis)—three paragraph analysis—conclusion.

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