corrections criminology

1)find an intermediate sanction facility or community correction facility in New York .What are the unique features of this facility? What type of offender is it designed to treat? Compare the cost of this facility to the incarceration cost of the prison facilities you research in discussion 1 ( Cali, alabama, Alaska, New Jersey, and Rhode Island, Florida, Kentucky, and Louisiana. Is there anything unique in your facility that is not found in others? Initial post must be 400-600 words in length.

2)In the past jails have been regarded as totally inadequate institutions. Why was that description frequently accurate in the past? How would you describe them today? Initial post must be 400-600 words in length

3)Which amendment do you feel affects corrections the most. Explain why you feel that way. Initial post must contain 400-600 words. (Do not confuse pretrial rights and amendments with those dealing with the convicted.).

4)In every state there is legislation removing certain rights from those convicted of crimes. Research New York state statutes addressing the issue. Give a brief report including the state, crimes that must have been committed in order to lose the rights, and what rights are lost. Be sure to include your sources and do so in 400-600 words. Do you agree or disagree? Why?

5)Answer the following discussion question. in 400-600 words. Describe the profile of the inmates on death row in New York? Include such characteristics as race, ethnicity, education level, drug involvement, family history, criminal history, and or psychological or social issues. What characteristic surprised you? Do you see any evidence of prejudices? If your state does not have a death row you may use national statistics, Texas death row statistics, or an adjoining state. Be sure and include your resources. . Do you agree or disagree? Why?

6)In 400-600 words explain in your opinion the most serious challenges facing corrections today? Initial post must be 400-600 words. How do you feel this challenge should be addressed? . Do you agree or disagree? Why?

7)write a one-page summary of what you learned from the documentary Talking Black in America. More info on

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