analysing trusses



This assignment covers the topic on TRUSSES: It’s a 3 student’s team work and only onecommon file must be submitted. Don’t subdivide the work between students. It’s better to sitand discuss strategies to better understand the concepts. The assignment consists on solving problems related to trusses through the methods covered in class; i.e method of joints and method of sections.

Use text editor to write your assignment. All drawings must be edited by text editor or any appropriate software. Paper (hard) copy and ONLY word file accepted.

Resources available to the students: Instructor’s lectures and textbooks of Hibbeler:“Structural Analysis”.


Answer all questions for each of the following problems:

Required Readings:

“Structural Analysis”, R. C Hibbeler, Eighth Edition in SI Units, Pearson, 2012; Read and study only chapter 3 (until section 3.5).


ARCH300 – Assignment on Trusses cud© Fall 2018 1


  •  Reading and Understanding the basic preliminary principles of Trusses in terms of specific vocabularies (structures, structural elements or members, tension and/or compression).
  •  Compute member forces: tension force, compression force or zero force.
  •  Comparison and Analysis (ability to think critically).
  •  Communication (computer editing and drawing).Submission Requirements:
  •  This assignment is a team work (only 3 students per group). One submission per group
  •  Hard Copy on A4 Format Paper
  •  Soft copy in a Word document.

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