requesting additions to phase 4 project

Hi! You worked on this project for me and I need a couple of additions please. Here are the guidelines:

  1. In Visual Studio, create an InstallShield Limited Edition project. (This is found under Other Project Types, Setup and Deployment). This will cause a Web page to appear if you do not already have InstallShield installed. (If you do have it already, skip to step 3.)
  2. On the Web page, follow the instructions to download and install InstallShield Limited Edition. This will require registration with an email address. Save the Serial Number so you can input it during installation. (Note: There is no cost for this software, and it may be removed later from the Programs control panel.) Restart Visual Studio after this step is complete.
  3. After installing InstallShield Limited Edition, open the project (attached) and add an InstallShield Limited Edition project to the solution (switch the Solution box to “Add to Solution” instead of “Create New Solution”).
  4. In the InstallShield Project Assistant, configure the Application Information screen with the name of a company and a Web address, as well as a version number for your software (other than 1.0). (Note: Help is available on the left side of the Project Assistant screen.)
  5. On the Installation Requirements screen, change the configuration so that your software may only be installed on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or later. Configure the project to also require Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 Full package, and Internet Explorer 10.0. 6. Configure the Installation Overview screen to give the user the option to change the installation location on their hard drive.
  6. Save your project and upload your entire Visual Studio project, in a ZIP. The ZIP file should include the phase 4 project (attached) with the new InstallShield installation.
  7. Prepare a 2 page Word document that includes an implementation summary for each tier in the N-tiered system.
  8. Address the following separately:
    • Discuss the process of deploying and securing a distributed system.
    • How would you personally ensure successful deployment of a distributed system?
    • What steps would you take to secure a recently deployed distributed system?

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