i need help to write audits 1 lecture reviews to understand what the teacher want in this h w

(special education class)

Personal Portfolio or Journal

In education, a portfolio or journal can be defined as a document or reflective narrative that:

(a) helps the learner to understand and extend learning; and

(b) helps the readers of the document gain insight about learning and the learner (McMillan, 1997; Porter & Cleland, 1995).

In this course, students are required to keep (a personal portfolio). As mentioned earlier, the portfolio should be used to document the implications of the course material for effective teaching practices. Students are required to select 8 lectures or topics of their interest and provide information on how the lectures or topics can be used to improve their teaching skills.

  • Demographics – Cover litter , Resume, Praxis Scores, Philosophy of Education with Special Education attachment
  • Audits – 8 Lecture Reviews not more than one page

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