death and dying questions

Answer ALL of these questions. I have put the material at the bottom, you do not have to read it but it might help with answering the questions.


1. Have you ever dealt with a death of a loved one? Please explain.

2. Is there a typical length of time grieving lasts?

3. What do you think are the biggest factors in “how long” grief lasts?

4. What are three tips you found useful for “dealing with a friend who is grieving”?

5. What are two physical reactions to loss?

6. What are some emotional reactions to loss?

7. What is complicated death? Please give an example of a situation involving a complicated death.

8. If you’ve ever experienced loss and would like to research that specific topic, please do. If you have not experienced a loss, please choose any topic listed above. Please put yourself in the position of the ‘griever’ and explain the death, the steps to healing and the ways you are emotionally, socially, and psychologically affected. If you are a spiritual person, you may include how the death has affected that aspect of you as well. Please write at least 1 page. It can be the form of a letter to someone, a report, a poem, etc… all are acceptable as long as they fulfill all of the requirements. Note: If, due to the sensitive nature of this subject, you feel that completing this assignment is something you would rather not do, please let your teacher know. You do not have to complete this assignment if it is something you would rather not do.


Please go to this website and read about the how teens grieve . Read more on this website about what grief is and how to deal with it. 

Look at these websites to learn about grieving the loss of a brother or sister, a parent, or a pet.

At some time in every person’s lifetime, he or she will experience the grief of loss. People of all ages can feel the emotions of grief. Sadness, anger, frustration, fear, guilt, anxiety, a sense of injustice, remorse, despair, relief, longing, rage, apprehension and so many others make up the feelings of grief. Even babies can show us that they feel the emotions of the adults around them. It is said that if a child is old enough to love, they are old enough to grieve.

That is all! Now all that’s left is the Final Examination!

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