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Network LAN Design with VoIP, and Wireless Services
This section will provide a detailed LANdesign of network with VoIP services, Wireless services, protocols, devices, and interconnectivity, with WAN.

This section include but not limited to

Equipment List

Hierarchical IP scheme and VLAN

Link IP addresses

High Level Diagram

Voice and Wireless Design


RHis is what  is required


For the network and VoIP design assignment, you should have well labelled topology diagrams and a good IP scheme. I suggest using a table format to present your IP design. Your scheme should show what IP ranges you will use at each location and for the WAN links connecting the sites.
You should discuss the types of equipments that you will use. Apart from describing the wireless design, you should show the wireless placements in your diagrams too. Use enough diagrams to present your design.
You will be graded on:
  • Understanding the scope of work
  • Creating Equipment List
  • Hierarchical IP scheme
  • High Level Diagram
  • Bandwith for Voice
  • Outside Telephones Lines
  • Wireless Design

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