analysis of cafr and ccr reports


I am attaching the reports and here are the websites for both municipalities I chose to work on. The CAFR is San Diego and the CCR is for Fairfax, VA

1. Explore the concepts of the course material relating to CAFRs and CCRs. You must also find and review / read outside literature on these subjects as well and use in the paper in order to properly address the requirements.

2. Prepare an executive summary paper on the CAFR and CCR to include the following:

a. A brief introduction / review of your chosen CAFR entity.

b. For both the CAFR and CCR reports, discuss the focus of each report, what each document is trying to impart on its users, a brief review of the main sections of each (what is NOT expected is a fund-by-fund accounting of figures, performance, balances, etc), and who the intended users of each report actually are.

c. Discuss your thoughts on “why two reports?”

3. Your deliverable is to be three – five pages in length (~1,000 to 1,800 words), single-spaced, double spacing between paragraphs, one inch margins and a font size of 10 – 12 points. Use headings related to topics in our class, and include a cover page and works cited section. In-text citations must be included and done per APA standards. The paper is to be uploaded through the assignment folder only in a single Word document with only “YourName.doc(x)” as the file name. Points will be deducted for failing to adhere to these requirements, especially the 3 requirements in part 4.

4. Please refer to the grading matrix for how your performance will be evaluated.

Note: CCR templates and guidance can be found at

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